Sosped foundation’s culture houses are based on a model called GFP (guided functional peer support).

Read more about guided functional peer support here.

At the present moment Young Adults’ Culture House consists of three culture houses in Lohja, Kainuu and Tampere.


What do culture houses offer?

Culture houses are designed for young, 18- to 35-year-old mental health rehabilitators. The focus is on content that interests the rehabilitator and thus culture houses are tailored to the assets and strengths of the rehabilitator and the possibilities to learn new things. The aims of the creative group activities in the houses are to enable participants to find natural tools for life management, to develop social skills and further improve their ability to work and function.

The members are the ones behind the focus of the groups. Peer instructors – the people who run the groups – are either mental health rehabilitators or professionals. All groups are functional and group members decide on the contents of the groups. The main priority for the culture houses is an open and safe atmosphere that supports creativity. All the groups are functional and based on structured peer support. The staff work as back-up for the groups.

Culture houses in Lohja, Kainuu and Tampere

Culture houses has various themed groups including band and studio groups, creative writing groups, painting and drawing groups, craft groups, movie groups and game groups.

The opening of the culture house in Lohja was celebrated on February 2013. The culture house Marilyn in Kainuu started its activities on September 2013. The culture house in Tampere is the newest addition to the bunch. It was opened in May 2015.


How can I join in?

We are constantly looking for young rehabilitators who are interested in group membership and participating in different activity groups. We are also looking for peer instructors to supervise these groups. The peer instructors will receive a monetary allowance, get their own working space and participate in the regular supervision of work. The peer instructors can be aged over 35.

Please contact us by phone or email. We will arrange a meeting with you to chart your interest and find out a little bit about your background.