The idea behind our social pedagogics is to contribute to the inner growth of people, to increase social interaction, communality and environment building. At Sosped we do it through adult training, via project work and community work. These initiatives contribute to developing a person’s growth and knowledge about him– or herself and about others. Our social pedagogics is based on members’ communities, learning by experiencing, interaction and emotional knowledge. The knowledge of emotions is something that we take into account in learning. Interaction that takes place within a community makes the caring and respect stronger.


A person grows and evolves with others. Learning by experience happens when a person learns how to recognize feelings. The “work leader and work community” development training has at its core community dynamics. Work instruction and different development projects are planned and built so that it is possible to explore experience and emotion. Interaction and reciprocity create experiences that can strengthen self-knowledge.

Community works when people are understood as individuals with different and unique characteristics. Humanity is in interaction in human contact. Feelings support the process of change that is supported by the feeling of oneness.