There are people with disabilities and mental problems among us whose voices remain unheard. It is time to bring these voices out. It is said that we all have a need for the ability “to love and to work” that is to be necessary and express oneself. For the Epic Light project this is though a starting point, not the actual finishing line.


We want to prove that the society will be a little more fun, diverse and simply said better when everyone’s potential is used. Even though concepts such as peer support and rehabilitation are part of Epic light, our most important aim is to create quality radio, do various media and culture productions and come up with new tones in conversations.

Epic light connects persons with mental disabilities and disorders with professionals and students in the field of media, culture and catering. Our goal is to improve the chance to get employed for those who participate in our activities. We give room for dreams.

Epic light is creating a special model for peer support producers. The model is constructed in order to teach young people with mental disorders how to support mentally disabled in media and culture productions. The aim is to bring about spontaneous action, in which these so called special groups produce different kinds of media content and culture events together with professionals and students of the field.