Sosped foundation maintains a work guidance community that provides consultation, training, work guidance and development services for work communities. Our clients are employees, managers and work communities who have noticed that an organisation can be developed by maintaining the community and supporting the work of the manager. We find the right instructor for each client. Our instructor network functions all over Finland.


The foundation has over 29 years of experience in organising work instructor training and advanced training. If you are interested in work guidance please contact us.

Ask also about the more affordable work guidance where the instructor is a student undertaking diploma work. All of our students have notable work experience when they start studying with us. The diploma work is made at the end of their studies and it is made under guidance from our senior trainers. The students prepare for their instruction work carefully and they spend time reporting and discussing the meetings within their own training group. Customers have the possibility to attend a very thorough student work instruction for a lower price. The work guidance by students is carried out approximately every 3rd week and they consist of 27 meetings.

Lassi Rajamäki
toimisto (at)
+358 50 566 2414

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